Create the views for your model

There is already a views class created in your project by the scaffold, see file views/ Let’s have a look on that file content.

To ease creation of views classes, c2cgeoform comes with an abstract class that contains base methods to display grids, render forms and save data. This is why ExcavationViews extends AbstractViews for a specific SQLAlchemy model and colander schema:

class ExcavationViews(AbstractViews):

    _model = Excavation
    _base_schema = base_schema

Also note the @view_defaults which says that all the views declared in this class will only apply when the route parameter named table will be equal to "excavation". The routes given by c2cgeoform have the following form:

  • c2cgeoform_index: {table}
  • c2cgeoform_grid: {table}/grid.json
  • c2cgeoform_item: {table}/{{id}}
  • c2cgeoform_item_duplicate: {table}/{{id}}/duplicate

Those routes are registered in the pyramid config by the routes module (see the file situated at the root of the generated project).

register_models(config, [
    ('excavations', Excavation)

To select records through urls, we also need a unique field, this is given by:

_id_field = 'hash'

And to show the table records grid we need a definition per column:

_list_fields = [

Finally we need a method for each view, for a typical use case, we could have 6 views:

  • index: Return HTML page with the grid.
  • grid: Return records as JSON for the grid.
  • edit: Show create or edit form for the specified record.
  • duplicate: Show duplication form for the specified record.
  • delete: Delete the specified record.
  • save: Save new record or modifications to existing record.

In a typical use case, those views will only call the super class method with the same name.